Sibbarp Skatepark

The first skatepark in Sibbarp was built around the same time as Bryggeriet Skatepark in the late 90′s. The park then consisted of different wooden ramps that Bryggeriet maintained and changed every year until recently.

In 2008 Bryggeriet built together with the help and expertise of Concreatures and financial support from Malmö city Malmö’s second concrete park in this beautiful area that is located just by the sea.

The park is about 800 square meters big and filled with bumps, hips, corners and everything else you could wish for.

Quick facts about Sibbarp Skatepark

Construction year: 2008
Area: ca 800 square meters
Material: Concrete
Disciplines: street, bowl, park

Sommarvägen, Sweden

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The making of Sibbarp Skatepark

Sibbarp Skatepark

Sibbarp Skatepark

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