The Malmö Miniramp Challenge – Challenges now live!

The Malmö Miniramp Challenge is a challenge-based event spread around Malmö’s miniramps over the long weekend May 13-16 (Kristi Himmelfärd). Challenges are now live on SHINNER and

The challenges are video-based, meaning you film your crew, edit clips and submit via the app or youtube. The event window closes Sunday May 16th at midnight. 

Enter in crews of 3-5 people, download the SHINNER app (@shinnerapp), film clips and post to win. 40.000:- prize purse and more.



Best overall edit. 

Film a clip from the weekend.

Must use footage from all five ramps.

Top three edits share 15.000:-

’Submit via youtube’

Best costume drama: 

Get dressed up and film an edit.

Top two edits share 5.000:-

’Submit via youtube’

Team Work is Dream Work: 

Film a clip with synchronized skating and/or team lines.

Top two edits share 5.000:-

’Submit via youtube’

More challenges are found in SHINNER – Check the spots to find out more!

How does it work?

Step 1: How to sign up your team:


  • Team name
  • Names of team members
  • Name and phone number of a contact person for the team.
  • You need a youtube account to post clips – Email us the name of your youtube-channel.

If you don’t have a team – let us know – we’ll find one for you.


  • Download SHINNER app. Sign up.
  • Under ’Local’ find the Malmö Miniramp Challenge.
  • Skate, have fun, be safe.
  • Upload your edits and clips.
  • Follow spots and feed in SHINNER for updates.
Pandemic info:
The Malmö Miniramp Challenge only works if we spread out.

Skate Malmö recommends strict adherence to the recommendations of social distancing.

This means no more than 3-4 people per platform or 6-8 people per ramp at one time.

If you’re not skating – don’t crowd the platforms.

If others are waiting – take a break.

Skate at Your Own Risk
Participation is strictly voluntary.

Skate at a level you are comfortable with and select challenges accordingly.

Getting around:

In case of injury
In case of serious injury and in particular involving head trauma, call 112 immediately. Then contact Skate Malmö on 0733 237734 so that we can assist you.

If you need assistance for less urgent injuries such as sprains or scrapes, contact Skate Malmö and consult–skador/akuta-rad—forsta-hjalpen/

For further info go to or contact with any questions.


  • Get your friends together and form a crew of 3-5 people. If you don’t have a team, we can help you find one. Email your crew name, names of members and a contact phone number to No entry fee. Challenges for all levels of skating.
  • Download the SHINNER app. (@shinnerapp)
  • On May 13th, check out the Malmö map and look for the […] logo. Click on the spots to find challenges.
  • Plan the weekend: You decide what order you want to take on the challenges. You don’t need to do them all. Costumes, basketball and fika optional.
  • Go shred with your friends: Film for the edits, submit and follow the other crews’ progress over the weekend. Be mindful of current pandemic restrictions and keep your distance.
  • Win: 40.000:- prize purse total. Top overall edit 10.000:- and more cash prizes.


Malmö Miniramp Challenge

If we can’t meet up – let’s spread out!

In a normal year the onset of spring would mean it was time for Folkets Miniramp Jam. Two things have happened. The obvious first is the pandemic and this means we can’t meet up for traditional events. The second is that Malmö has had several new miniramps added over the last year. Well if we can’t skate just one, let’s skate them all! – Welcome to the Malmö Miniramp Challenge!