Visiting Malmö

Things to do

Malmö has a lot to offer besides skating. A convenient aspect of the city is it’s size: You can get pretty much everywhere within a few minutes on a bike.

The city has got a strong cultural scene with great live music, art, parties and good food. Below you will find a selection of what Malmö has got to offer.

The coast

Coming into the city, it’s easy to forget Malmö is by the sea. Don’t miss out on a good day on the beach or waterfront. If you’re skating Sibbarp or Stapel, bring your trunks – they’re a stonesthrow from the water and it’s safe to swim.

Aim for the skyscraper ‘Turning Torso’ and keep going – you’ll hit the waterfront. A selection of piers to swim from, places to eat and drink as well as people to watch. Not to mention skatespots. Take a right once you hit the water and you’ll reach the deeper diving-spots.

Follow the coast southbound from the city centre and you’ll find open grass fields stretching onto the beach. Long piers will take you out to swimming-depth. If you are visiting in the winter, make sure to check out the classic ‘Ribbersborgs Kallbadhus’ sauna, sitting at the end of one of the main piers. Good brunch, nice setting and a stereotypical Swedish treat.

Sibbarp Skatepark is by the sea. You’ll see it. Easy to figure out. Sibbarp also has a sauna spa to check out after a cold spring or autumn session.

Eat and drink

Möllevångstorget or ‘Möllan’ is Malmö’s bohemian bar area. If you’re in the market for cheap eats and drinks, Möllan is a good bet. People will tell you to try a falafel. And they’ll be right.

Falafel is an institution in Malmö. Scattered all across the city you will find falafel-joints offering falafels at €3 or less. Ask for mango sauce and add some haloumi and you’re set.

Breakfast and coffee
Try Ugglan Kaffebar on St Knuts torg or Jord around the corner from there if you are in the area. Möllan Kaffebar is right on the square and knows their drop, although focus here is more on coffee than food. If more central, then good coffee joints are Solde, Lilla Kafferosteriet and Noir. If a traditional Swedish breakfast buffet with sweet as well as savory is more your pace, then Systrar & Bröder is your place to go on a Saturday. Queue: Food coma. Aside from that, your usual litter of chains and cafes are all over.

Classic skate-bar of days past. Cheap as chips. The place is run by the best two people so show respect and you will get warm and friendly service and nice and cold beers.

Green Mango
Fresh flavours, decent prices.

Good Vietnamese.

Arguably best indian on Möllan. Friendly service.

Restaurang Möllan
Classic Swedis-ish dishes, good beer, decent prices.

On the corner, flatland outside. The latest skater hangout spot for summer post-session sessions.

Far i Hatten
Classic summer spot in Folkets Park – Open till late and packed with hipsters. Close to the mini ramps.

On the club-side of the bar scene. Good cocktails, outfits, the young, the on-trend.

Grand Öl och Mat
Bar/Club/Restaurant open til late. The winter’s ‘Far i Hatten’. Cover charge after 11. Dancing optional.

If in the city centre looking for a proper cocktail, good beer or a quality dining experience, go to Bastard. Or just go anyway. It’s a good joint

Vegan Bar
Skater in your 20’s? You’ll likely meet crew there after a svampen session. Cheap drink and food.

Burger joints: Casual Street Food, Surfshack, Hungry Joe’s, Tommie’s and Tusen Två.


Bands and venues

If in Malmö during summer, make sure to check out what’s on for free. The City puts on a lot of events. Check out, and for more info.

Kulturbolaget or KB has been around for many years and may well be the main place for concerts in Malmö. A great venue with a small clublike feeling.

Babel: >>> Map

Inkonst >>> Map

Grand: See above


Konsthallen >>> Map

Moderna Museet


Skånes Konstförening

Music stores





Regementsgatan 12
tel. 040 – 66 16 102

Bryggeriet Skatepark

Ystadvägen 44
More info here.

Bryggeriet Stapelbäddsparken

More info here.


Holmgatan 8A
More info here.



Kronprinsensgade 3
1114 København K

Sidewalk Skateshop – Copenhagen

Istedgade 138
1650 Copenhagen


Malmö is located next to one of Europes biggest airports, Copenhagen Airport and is very easy accessible by different low cost airlines. Once at the airport it is only a quick train journey across the bridge and 15 minutes later you are in the center of Malmö.

Malmö does also have it’s own airport called Sturup Airport. It is a bit smaller and located 35 minutes out of town but you can still find some cheap deals to this airport as well.

Once in the city, transportation is very accessible. Either use your feet, rent a bike, look for a cab or use the local transportation provided by Skånetrafiken.

Malmö’s newest public transportation, the city tunnel.


Malmö has a wide range of both internationel and family owned hotels. The average quality is very high, but with lower than average prices. In the central areas you will find approximately 30 hotells with 3000 rooms and 5900 beds. The core of Malmö being fairly small, almost all of these hotels are at skating or walking distance from most of our well known skatespots.

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