Steppe Side

Steppe Side

Steppe Side Part 1

Steppe Side 2004 – 2007

In 2004 an era ended and another was born. In the smoke of the bulldozers that was tearing up the concrete we had mixed with sweat and blood over at Savanna side, we dealt with the loss and put our efforts into creating Steppe side, chapter 2 of the Malmö D.I.Y saga.

For three years we developed this little bowllike creation, making it to a unique place that grew bit by bit every year and was sessioned to pieces most everyday. We were sharing the space with homeless people and rats, junkies and thieves but fitting in nicely nevertheless. After dodging a few bullets over the years we lost the fight in the end to a sledgehammer and chapter 2 was smashed to bits. R.I.P

Steppe Side Part 2

Steppe Side 2010-

2010 new plans were made for Steppe side and the building begun once again. Just a stones through away from the old smashed bowl the digging started on what would become “Hullet”, a 2,5 meter deep, completely round bowl with a channel and finally viking block pool coping. This was the start of the new development that is still going on with new obstacles popping up every now and then.