Skate Malmö Street 2018 – The Recap

Skate Malmö: Street 2018 was a weekend of sessions all over Malmö. Entry was team-based, open and free. Anyone could enter. Skateable installations was spread around the city, Källan Open kicked off on the friday and of course the Svampen Session ended it all on the Sunday. 

Text: Gustav Svanborg Edén

Photos: Alexander Oliviera


There it is – Three days, three events and hoards of skaters roaming around Malmö. 

’What’s going on? There are skaters everywhere.’

Friday brought Polar into the mix with Källan Open with tricks for cash followed by the premiere of We Blew it at Some Point. Calle Svantesson closed the show by committing himself and board in spite of feasibility of that all-too-long kicker to kicker setup. And much more. 

An unfortunate incident took place at Källan Open where a conflict rose between two skaters and discriminating language was used. We want to take this opportunity to stress that Skate Malmö strives to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone and that sexism, transphobia, homophobia or racism does not belong here. We are working continually to improve our organization to achieve the goal of becoming the most welcoming skate event out there. 

Getting things in place for Saturday had provided an interesting challenge. Three architects working with three different installations produced in six different locations all being placed over two days. And some of them, well, heavy. 

’We’re going to need a bigger truck.’

’Wasn’t that the biggest one?’

’Apparently there is one bigger. It’s coming tomorrow.’

As registration started Saturday morning we started to get an idea of what was to come. Teams in full costume, hoards of kids waiting at the garage rooftop, long travellers and even some Gold School representation. 

‘Send them away to Värnhem as quickly as possible – it’s crammed here’

‘Värnhem is crammed too’


‘There too.’

‘Right. Keep them here, then.’

The event setup was to have each team session each spot for two hours. But spread out – not all teams at once. Then film three edits by the end of the day. #skatemalmostreet2018

Going round the spots, it became clear that all three were kicking off throughout the day. So many differerent teams in different stages of their respective sessions, winding in and out of waves of intensity. Like a lung, breathing life into the city. Man. Totally. 

Alexis Sablones ‘Lady in the Square’ installation at Värnhemstorget provided new banks, transitions and ledges to a traditional ledge spot, opening up whole new ways of approaching the space. Rich Holland’s ‘We’re All Golden’ at Nobeltorget introduced new geometrical combinations where the golden mega-kicker was heavily sessioned in spite of its knee-crumbling prospects. Søren Enevoldsens modular ‘Prototype 1’ opened up opportunities to place kickers, ledges and rails in different konstallations, opening up the existing features of the garage rooftop. By seven, the sessions were still going. 

As the edits started coming in, the challenge of picking winners became real. 

‘Shouldn’t those who made the best edits win?’

Of course they should. See below for results. 

And of course, Sunday brought Svampen Session. New obstacles from the Lindängeskolan modular setup and good tunes from DJ Bella set the scene.  New for this year were the Svampen Summer Games, adding some fun (and confusion) to the day. 2-person drag-race and tic-tac challenges finished things up, leaving only the prize-ceremony. There it is, over and out. 

Or not. After a few hours packing up, walking through Folkets Park and past Svampen, sessions were still brewing with skaters squeezing the last out of the weekend. 

Thank you to everyone who made it. See you next year. 

Make sure you check out #skatemalmostreet2018 for all the edits and all the action from the weekend.


Saturday Winners:

Best Nobel Square Edit – Professor Tao’s Labrats

Tor Ström, John Gardner, Hugo Boserup, Ville Wester, Diego Todd

Best Värnhem Edit – Team Adidas

Günes Özdogan, Filip Almkvist, Heitor Da Silva, Patrick Zentgraf, Martin Sandberg

Best Södervärn Edit – Smish

Sarah Meurle, Beatrice Domond, Stephanie Nurding, Emma Lindgren, Johanna Juzelius, Alexis Sablone

Saturday Overall Best Edits

Best Period Drama Trilogy Award – The Nobel Savages

Andrew Gibbons, Mike O’Shea, Phil Evans

Best Feelgood Edits with  a Homemade Soundtrack-Award – The The Way Way

Amandus Mortensen, Sondre Mortensen, Emma Bernström, Mimmi Leckius, Adam

Bonus Awards:

Best junior edit: Team Surfers

Benjamin Elk, Hampus Winberg, Noah Albrektsson, Jullian Selander

Makes me wanna go skate editPost korv lover crew – Nobel edit

Martin Ottosson, Danijel Stankovic, Christian Mattsson

Slayers of the weekend – Team Fritte

Rasmus Salcin, Carelle, fritte, Andreij Tarrasov,

Classy Classics – Primitive

Axel Lindqvist, Orre Wennberg, Erik Hedberg, Alex Carelle, Willaim Engström

Young and Hungry – Osama boys

Herman Möller, Ville Rockäng, Oscar Göthlund

Skateboarding looks better in black and white-award – Da Kult

Una Farrar, Helena Long, Shari White, Amy Ram, Fabiana Delfino, Breana Geering , Norma Ibarra

Sunday Winners:

Svampen Summer Games:

Tic Tac, spin, shove relay – Professor Taos Labrats

Dragrace – Ack värmland

Svampen edit winners:


Da Kült


Osama Boys





Polar Skate Co. presents KÄLLAN OPEN: 16.00-20.00

Location: Möllevångstorget, Simrishamnsgatan/Ängelholmsgatan

Closed street, open session. Raw setup provided by Polar Skate Co.

More info @polarskateco


REGISTRATION for teams for the weekend opens from 16.Register and get your schedule for Saturday.

BIKES here.


WE BLEW IT AT SOME POINT Polar Skate Co. film Premiere

Location: Moriska Paviljongen

Doors open at 21.00




THREE SPOTS / 11.00 – 18.00 

Three new installations by architects Søren Nordal Enevoldsen, Rich Holland and Alexis Sablone at Värnhemstorget, Nobeltorget and Södervärn Parking Garage. Architects will be on site to answer questions regarding their installations 13-16.

REGISTER YOUR TEAM at Södervärn Parking Garage rooftop. 11-12.

Your team will be presented with a schedule for what order to session the different installations.

Every team gets two hours at each spot to film an instagram edit and tag #skatemalmostreet2018.

Session 1: 12-14.

Session 2: 14.30-16.30.

Session 3: 17-19.

All edits posted by midnight. Use #skatemalmostreet2018

Best edit from each spot win €1500. Bonus prizes and more.


FOOD/DRINK 20:30 – late

at Carib Creol




SVAMPEN SESSION / 12.00 – 18.00

Location: Konsthallstorget

Good tunes, good times and different sessions at Malmö’s #1 Plaza. 

Summer-game team challenges, head-to-head team battles. Something for everyone.

PRIZE CEREMONY of winning edits, challenge winners and more 17.00



Sexism, homophobia, transphobia or racism does not belong here.



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