Bryggeriet Malmö Skatepark

In 1998 when Bryggeriet Skatepark was created, Malmös skate scene was almost non existent. No indoor skateparks, no concrete ones, no Ultra Bowl competitions or other fun skateboard related happenings. It had been a long journey to try to convince politicians and people at the city hall to believe in skateboarding in Malmö but when the trust was gained they gave us the support we needed to make this foundation that we now are working from. Now skateboarding is a big part of Malmö and they realize the importance skateboarding has on the city so it makes our work a bit easier, even if it wasn’t easy from the beginning.

When Bryggeriet opened up in 1998 it immediately set the standard for skate parks in Sweden. With its 2000 square meters filled with all the obstacles you could wish for there was nothing like it in almost the whole of Europe. Soon enough Bryggeriet was hosting big European contests and people were coming from all over the world to check what the fuzz was all about.

Since then a lot of things has happened at Bryggeriet and we have continued to develop the skate scene in Malmö to one of the greatest on the planet with not only the world class indoor park that is Bryggeriet Malmö Skatepark, but four excellent concrete parks by the name Stapelbäddsparken, Sibbarp Skatepark, Oxie Skatepark and Åkarp Skatepark as well. The future looks bright over here with more projects around the corner so make sure you will visit Malmö as soon as possible, preferable when it is nice and hot for a better all around experience but Bryggeriet is always open and you are very welcome.

Address: Ystadvägen 44
Phonenumber: +46 40 926585

Bryggeriet Skatepark is only open during the indoor season, September – May.

Quick facts about Bryggeriet

Opening year: 1998
Area: ca 2000 square meters
Material: Wood
In the park:
Large street course, small street course, large bowl, small bowl, vert
Fully stocked skateshop
Cafeteria with food and beverages

Ystadvägen 44
214 45 Malmö
Phone: +46 40 926585

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Bryggeriet Skatepark

Bryggeriet Skatepark

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