Hindby Skatepark:

Hindby skate-court is the perfect spot for windy but sunny days. Nicely tucked away in Hindbyparken, an old basketball-court has been given a skate-makeover.

The current setup is a miniramp, quarters of various sizes, an A-frame, ledges, a flat rail and a spine-rail. The obstacles are from Folkets Park’s Winter Skate project.*

The current setup will remain for a while, but Hindby is intended to be a skate-space that is always changing. Never finished, never old. Like many of Malmö’s spots such as Limhamn’s DIY-space and PIG-Barrier, members of Bryggeriet have the opportunity to get involved and help the spot evolve.

*The project was initiated by local skaters who wanted to use tennis courts in Hindby to place skate-obstacles. The surface of the nearby basketball-court  was too rough for skating, but in need of maintenance. By pooling resources from the City of Malmö and Bryggeriet, the court could be resurfaced and made skateable. The obstacles from Folkets Park’s ‘Vinterland’ skatepark could then be placed in Hindby, providing a full skatepark to the area.