Register your team

If in Malmö, come to Le Box and receive your challenge sheet. 

If you are an international participant, email and submit your team name. 

Choose challenges from the list. Complete as many as you like over the weekend. 

Have a look at the prizes before selecting challenges. 

 ‘Edit’ means a clip with several tricks and/or lines edited together. 

How to submit your challenges: 

Submit your clips via instagram, tagging  #skatemalmostreet2020

Make sure to post your team name in the post description.

Make sure to post the name of the relevant challenge in the post description. 

We will continually be searching #skatemalmostreet2020 to see your results and enter scores over the weekend. 

Follow to see other teams’ progress. 


The edits are judged based on creativity, level of skating, quality of edit and vibe. Unless otherwise specified. 

 ‘Points if completed’ means every team to complete the challenge gets points. 

 ‘Best edit wins’ means one of the submitted clips will win the points for that challenge. 

 ‘First clip bonus’ means the first team to submit a clip for the challenge wins points (but then the other teams know what limit to beat…)

 ‘Points if Completed’ and ‘Best edit wins’ together mean that all teams that complete the challenge get points, but one team will get additional points for the challenge. I.e a total of 500 for a 200+300 challenge. 


Teams enter with 3-5 people. No more, no less. If more than 5, create two teams of three. If 2 or less, contact us and we’ll help you out. 

Deadline for challenges is 16:00 GMT+2 Sunday.  

The Recap Edit Challenge is an exception to this with the deadline of Thursday the 20th of August at 12:00 GMT+2. 

NBD-Challenges and ‘First clip bonus’ challenges are decided by the first team to post, not the first to complete the challenge. Make sure to post first. 

Only submit tricks filmed on the weekend – no old footage accepted. 

Overlapping edits: Tricks used in one edit cannot be used in others. Exceptions to this are the Remix Challenge, Aqua edit, ABD-edit and Dork Zone Single Show Challenge. 

International participants: Take on the challenges you can and enter into the event. More international awards to be announced. 

Skate-golf par-adjustment:

Oldest team bonus: Average age of team members at 40+ gets 10% added points. 

Youngest team bonus: Average age of team members under 15 gets 10% added points. 


Filming with phones is fine. The edits are, however, judged based on the quality of filming, so using other cameras may improve your chances. 

Combine challenges: Go through the challenges and see wich ones you can combine with each other. One challenge can often be completed on the way to another. 

Follow the progress of other teams. See what challenges they are attempting and what is still up for grabs come Sunday. 

Prizes: Cash Prizes

Overall point scores 1st, 2nd, 3rd 

NBD Highest score: 

Dork Zone Highest scoring team: 

Showing Up award – most challenges completed, regardless of winning. 

Olympic Champions: 

ABD Challenge best team:

Recap edit award: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

International Highest Scoring Team

International Showing Up Award

Team Malmö challenge winners will receive prizes from the brand in question.

Other prizes will be invented based on what stands out in the submitted material. 

Contact information: 

DM with questions.