The Skate Malmö Recap of 2017

It’s that time again.
With full focus on wrapping the year up and getting everything ready for the holidays, its easy to forget to take the time to look in the rear-view mirror. It’s been a big year with a lot to celebrate. Luckily, here at Skate Malmö, we have put together a selection of edits and clips for you to feast your eyes on, so sink into that lounge chair, get your snack-game on and build on that skate-hype for 2018!
Merry Christmas!
Roll it!

Vert Attack:
Ain’t dead yet. What do you do when you’ve cranked it up to ten?
Crank it to eleven! Mayhem as per usual. Most charged skate event there is.

Folkets Park Miniramp Jam.
The people’s jam in the people’s park. Danish invasion came, saw and took it. Danny Carlsen can skate.

Vans Park Series + Continental Championships.
The big one! Three days of burning sun in May. Grant got his run. Everyone tore it. The crowd, the hype, the park. Cheers, Vans! Smashed it!

Vans Park Series Recap / Skate Malmö from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

Skate Malmö: Street
New spots, all street, good times. Skateboarding event on skater’s terms. There is no ’I’ in team, but there is ’me’. Confusing. But banging. Crew from all over Sweden came down and rippers from Europe got in there. Bagers, Nobel and Svampen. New spots for 2018!

Skate Malmö Street: Adams Family from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

Skate Malmö Street: Shy from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

Skate Malmö Street: Team Gammeldansk from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

In Residence
Three crews, three edits. One year to film. Check it:

In Residence: Svampen Crew from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

In Residence: The Kids from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

PLACE Magazine.
The boys at PLACE came over during the summer to do a special Malmö issue for PLACE Magazine. With local crew spearheaded by the Mortensen brothers, Poetic crew and Ville Wester, can you go wrong. PLACE kills it. Cheers, boys and girls!

More from Malmö:

Oski’s big year:
Oski took home the Park Series. ’Champ’ is now official! From his jaw-dropping Park Series run to his Thrasher edit, it’s been a big year for him. Pro, mate. Congratulations!

More from the Mortensens
Doing it on their own terms and with the mantra ’First – have a good time’, Sondre and Amandus keep adding gold to the skateboarding collective. Always keen to see what’s next. Their Free interview and self-made edit one of many contributions from 2017.

Svampen Illy and Spängan.
Malmö has a plaza. And heads kill it. Two prominent plaza boys are, of course, Daniel Spängs and Filip ’Illy Filly’ Almqvist. Bringing some Love and adding to the trick-list of their favorite spot, this edit puts it down:

Svampen with Filly and Spangs

KATO Skateboards:
Ninjas are seen when they want to be. All year since the brand launch, the Kato boys have been working in the shadows, logging footage. Rumors, echoes… eAnd then… !

Kato Skateboards: Strictly for cultural purposes

And so much more…

Merry! Happy! 2017!
It’s a wrap.