Söderlyckan Skatepark


Lund is located just 15 min from Malmö and offers a nice selection of spots to skate. Gastelyckan is an old deserted slab of concrete intended to be the start of a new building and is located in an industrial part of Lund on the outside of the city. Here the locals have been roaming free and created a fun selection of obstacles. The place is always changing and well worth a visit.

If they weather is bad Lund has got a very nice indoor skate park that just got a new and fresh design. What used to be a separate bowl and street course is now a blend of the two kind of like a concrete park but built in wood. Lundabowlen as the place is called is located in Östra Torn, a part of Lund just outside of the center.

As of May, 2016, Lund has a brand new skatepark, dubbed Söderlyckan. 1500 square meters with a mix of bowl and street located near Stora Södergatan, right behind Mejeriet. Read more ››