Skate 2018: A Year in Retrospect

And so we find ourselves at the end of another year of skateboarding in Malmö. The road to 2017 looks longer in the rear view mirror than we ever expected it to: A lot has happened. 

Bryggeriets new setup saw the usual battering by students, prospects and Old Bastards over winter.

Get Set Go! Kicked off the event season and drew a crowd. Good vibes all round. 

Best theme yet? Vert Attack: Hockey saw the roof shrink once again. The pro finals were stacked with previous years’ winners and every rider opened the heat with their winning runs that one them the titles. And then escalated from there. Don’t envy the judges. Apparently Putin rigged it anyway…

Closing winter and opening spring, Folkets Miniramp Jam saw a good turnout with long-distance travellers making the trip and taking the junior title. Finley Kirby smashed it. As did hometown Herman and Maite, winning seniors and women. 

FOLKETS MINIRAMP JAM 2018 from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

With spring, the outdoor season kicked off. And so did the weather! May and June tans and towelheads. David Lindberg spent time with the students at Bryggeriets Gymnasium visiting the parks around the area and brought back the goods: 

Skate Malmö present: Bryggeriets Gymnasium from Skate Malmo on Vimeo.

Summer means full-throttle. Skate-activations at the parks, Bryggeriet Skatepark Construction building parks all round the country and street sessions in full swing. This year saw the first Skate Malmö collaboration with Allaktivitetshuset Lindängen. A temporary skatepark was installed at Lindängen Highschool and free skate-workshops available throughout summer. More on this 2019.  

Skate Malmö visited the Pushing Boarders conference in London to talk skate-friendly cities and skateboarding at large. Watch this space for news on 2019!


Skate Malmö Street invited architects/designers Alexis Sablone, Søren Nordal Enevoldsen and Rich Holland to design three skateable installations to be placed around the streets of Malmö. And Polar’s Källan Open warmed up the party for the We Blew it at Some Point premiere. Sunday at Svampen as usual. Crews, sessions, games. Good times. #skatemalmostreet2018 recap here

Skate Malmö Street 2018: Svampen Session from Skate Malmo on Vimeo.

Skate Malmö Street 2018: Källan Open from Skate Malmo on Vimeo.

From the Malmö parks and Betongcupen van trips to the Park Series and travelling around the world, Kalle Berglind has been bringing life to sessions for a long time. Kalle made time between trips to tell the story of his relationship with his hometown: 

Fresh off the back of Skate Malmö Street, Vans Park Series came back to town. The Big Show courtesy to Vans pushing things park terrain. Heavy Malmö representation with Mimmi, Herman, Nando, Kalle and Oski in the mix to name a few. Kalle and Oski in the finals. This year was Oski’s with ‘that run’. The crowd goes wiiiiiild!!!! 

At the turn for autumn, another new collaboration was Metropolis by Light. Søren’s installation on a garage rooftop, light projections and, crucially, jazz: 

Metropolis by light from Skate Malmo on Vimeo.

Come winter, it was time to open the new Bryggeriet street-course. Popular mix of flat and tranny on the big streetcourse and a whole new spine-ramp out back. Winter looks safe. 

Welcome to the Dork Zone. For Bryggeriet’s 20th anniversary Phil Evans, Mike O’Shea, the Mortensen Brothers and crew took the reins on a project to showcase the fusion between different elements of skateboarding culture, proving once and for all that nerds have more fun. 

David Lindberg took on the task of portraying the current state of the scene. Dog Days brought some local heroes out and subjected them to David’s expert lensmanship. 


…And all the while, they’re out filming. Aside from Dork Zone and Dog Days, it’s been another big year for edits. Henry Forsner and Jacob Hansson both gave the scene something to work toward and put the time in to make it happen. Two edits, two styles, both banging. Hats off! And special mention to all the Malmö skaters hard at work this summer, featuring in several projects. 

Bring in the hoards! Bryggeriet street organized by Bryggeriets Gymnasium brought in skaters from all over Europe for a weekend of trick-overload. Heavy Holland/Belgium presence very welcome. Sw fs hurricane on the handrail by Eric Hedberg a select grain of sand in a beach of tricks. 


And that just about brings us to a close. As the years pass and skateboarding gets older, new doors open and new faces become part of the community. One clear thing is that skateboarding’s past, present and future lives in Malmö. A sincere thank you from Skate Malmö to all that make that happen. A merry Christmas to you and yours. See you in 2019. 

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