Stapelbäddsparken was built in 2005 by Bryggeriet, Stefan Hauser and his company Placed To Ride and Malmö city. The park consists of a bowl landscape and a street inspired area. It is a public park, completely free and the size is about 3000 square meters. The Stapelbädden skate park is exclusively for skateboarding (and inlines). Other activities are not allowed!

Below you can read the whole story about the making of this fabulous skatepark.

The making of Stapelbäddsparken.

Here’s some rules and regulations regarding the park.



Rules & security regulations
Use the park at your own risk
Helmet and safety equipment should be used
In the skateboarding areas (marked red), only skateboards and inlines are allowed
Show respect and take turn with other riders!
Keep your distance to other riders!
Yield to riders ahead!
Spectators and non-active riders, keep out of riding areas!
Beginners and less experienced riders should stay out of the skateboarding areas (marked red)
Help keep the park in order and use the trash cans!
Graffiti and other forms of painting is NOT permitted in the park

In case of harm to the facilities, please contact the local authorities: +46 (0)20-34 45 00

/ Bryggeriet och Malmö Stad

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4 thoughts on “Stapelbäddsparken”

  1. bongo says:

    om ni tycker att alla de 500 miljard kronors betongparkerna i malmö kommun/sydvästra skåne är imponerande, då kommer ni tycka att de vi har o arbeta me i sydöstar skåne/österlen är lika me skit. enjoy era bortskämda svin!

  2. bongo says: – en inblick i österlens skatebårdscen

  3. JohnAdled says:

    Excellent post! Really loved it, havent seen an artice this good in a while.

  4. claudia says:

    Är det någon som ens blev förvånad över att en sån fin park anläggs för ungarna i västra hamnen?!! Malmö stad kan ni aldrig ta och förvåna, TACK!!!

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