In Residence 2017scene noun (AREA)

B2 [ S ] a particular area of activity and all the people or things connected with it:

the pop/political/drugs/gay scene

Like any skate scene, Malmö has it’s crews, it’s styles and it’s spots. Loosely connected and loosely separated. Being part of it means being amazed at what the collective keeps achieving together. It also means being surprised by how removed different groups can be from each other.

The In Residence film project was instigated for several reasons. We wanted to shine a light on different crews that live and skate in Malmö at this specific time. We wanted to give them a project to unite around by offering a platform to broadcast themselves from. We also wanted to give the rest of Malmö and the world a peek into what other parts of the Malmö scene is up to.

The crews that were hungry to participate in the project this year were a loose collective of the younger skaters and students at Bryggeriets Gymnasium, the skaters hanging at Svampen as well as the female and queer skaters involved in Tösabidarna. The objective was to give the kids a time to shine, the Svampen Boys a collective project and the girls free reign to not pay heed to any dictates set by existing skateboarding culture.

Navigating broken cameras, summer-holiday schedules and general coordination, Oscar Göthlund and his friends took on the task of producing the edit for the young guns. Anthony Roscini kept motivation high, not only committing to filming the Svampen boys, but also mentoring the younger crew. Lina Linde in collaboration with Mimmi Leckius and the rest of Tösabidarna based the project on the premise ‘We’re making a film – let’s include as many tösabidar as possible in the creative process!’

Along for the ride to document the process was Alexander Oliviera. The book that is produced for this project is a step into his viewfinder and a window to the world of these three collectives in the Malmö Skate Scene.

Enjoy the view and welcome to Malmö!