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Vans Park Series Recap

’Why not May? It’s the driest month of the year!’

’It can’t possibly stay sunny. It’s Sweden, it’s spring. It can’t possibly stay sunny.’

But what a week it was – days of beaming sunshine and clear blue skies. The only thing pouring in being the hordes of skaters, filling the bowl with new lines and raising the bar for what could possibly be done at Kroksbäck skatepark.

Events kicked off with the informal Skate Malmö Deepend Session at Malmö’s classic Stapelbäddsparken. Gnar, cash, slams, makes, smiles. Let it out, and show yourselves ladies and gentlemen! That’s what it’s there for.

The Continental Championships for Europe brought new and old faces to town to compete to compete for a space in the Shanghai Park Series final next to the Park Series select pros and Challengers. Malmö is all about making space for skaters to share the stage and local boy Herman Möller went right to work. Letting the next generation of Malmö skaters shine, Herman powered his way to a solid 4th place.

In the end, experience outweighed potential with Danish legend (duh) Rune Glifberg charging to 1st. Sam Beckett got in there and proved that the transition (very funny) between bowl and vert entails no necessary impact on form. Style for days and lines to be had. 2nd place. Overall good to see the park catering to riders as diverse as Danny Carlsen, Rune and Alex Halford to name a few. Skateboarding is going through fusion!

The women’s Continental Championships proved that the female skate scene is getting used to the Park Series format fast. And with no lack of strong characters. Three Swedish skaters in the top 12, but in the end veteran Amelia Brodka claimed 1st with solid, powerful runs. One to watch 2018!

And then the big show. Don’t melt. Saturday brought the crowds with full deckchair lounging, crammed bar, packed skate-school at the Bryggeriet streetcourse and general good vibes. Space for everyone to find a spot and take in the (‘Holy #!%#! Did you see that!’) show.

Plenty of standouts from the Park Series qualifiers. Overall, it seemed every pro there from last year started off at their 2016 peak and steadily raised the bar from there. No signs of the Kroksbäck park running out of lines as of yet!

Oski blessed the crowd with by generally feeling it, putting a glory-line together and qualifying first. Hometown-hero aside, there’s no doubting that flow. Always a treat.

The chill that spreads through a site when cheers suddenly die. CJ Collins took a heavy one, going for the kickflip off the tombstone into the monsterbank. Second try hype-to-smack. Ouch! Back on his feet and medics chasing him for a check-up. All good? Ok. Next rider up!

Second generation Malmö skater in the mix Karl Berglind had his eyes on the prize all week, never missing a beat. On it and not letting it drop for the finals, Karl smashed his way to 3rd place. Malmö on the podium! Check it, fools.

For the finals, first-trick-rebate was introduced, allowing the skaters the chance to go for gold with a banger from the outset. Many of the skaters didn’t hold back on giving that hammer a second try as well, resulting in some crucial runs being lost in the gamble. As it should be. Who wouldn’t rather see two of those bangers than ten safety runs regardless. Credit to Barros et al. for rolling the dice!

Tom Schaar had found an even higher level of power since 2016 and put his lines down with authority, floating all over. In the end, there was no holding back Alex Sorgente, however. Alex blends vert hammers and lip-trickery into the Kroksbäck park  like no one else. Finding the air while hitting every section with a deep bag of tricks. No wasted time. Check that last run. Well deserved, Alex. Smashed it!

And then it was over. Sunset, dinners, parties… Those who had the opportunity stayed on in Malmö for an extra few days of shredding and enjoying the city. Those who had to go back to work were jealous of those people. Overall, it was one of those weekends. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re missing out. See you 2018!