Ultra Bowl


Malmö stad and Bryggeriet present

International Skateboard Contest
Food & Drink / Live Music
Pro / Am | Juniors | Get Set Go! – Girls

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Ultra Bowl is moving to the Beach!

Ever since the skaters of Malmö took on the challenge of Ultra Bowl, we have worked to make sure every comp has something new to offer. Every year, Stapelbäddsparken and Ultra Bowl have seen changes: New sections in the park, new coping, new surface and new formats.

While things have been changing at Stapel, the rest of Malmö has been charging with skateboarding development too. We have seen the rise of DIY-spots, new skateparks and new street-spots. As a skate-town, Malmö brings the whole package. Well- it’s time to take this show to a new spot: Ultra Bowl is moving to the beach!

Bryggeriet have been busy all spring getting Sibbarp Skatepark Ultra-Bowl ready. The park, situated in open fields by the water, has been polished and given a new bowl-corner. The surface is good as new and while bowl-oriented, the park opens for a creative all-round approach and different styles of skating. We’re going to see a lot of new lines written for Ultra Bowl Sibbarp.

For old times sake, we’re meeting up at Stapelbäddsparken for a Deep-End session on Thursday July 23rd to kick the Ultra Bowl weekend off. Come Friday, however, we’re heading to the coast. As always, Get Set Go! girls skateboarding contest is a key part of Ultra Bowl and this year the whole skate family is sharing the same course. Naturally there will be food and drink available, but this year we’re throwing live bands in the mix too. Get out here, get your beach-towel ready and your shred on: We’re in holiday-mode!

Ultra Bowl Sibbarp trailer from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.


Thursday 23/7 Stapelbäddsparken

18-20 Deepend session

Friday 24/7 Sibbarp

12-14 Junior qualification
15-18 Qualification Pro/Am

Saturday 25/7 Sibbarp

11-12 Junior Semifinal
12-14 Get Set Go Girls Qualification
15-18 Pro/Am Quarterfinals

Sunday 26/7 Sibbarp

11-12 Get Set Go Girls Semifinal
12-13 Pro/Am Semifinal
14-15 Junior Final
15-16 Get Set Go Final
16-17 Pro/Am final

Contact: johnm@bryggeriet.org

Junior: 16 and under
Senior: 17 and over



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