Folkets miniramp jam

It seemed like we’d never get here, but winter has finally broken. And with spring comes the grand exodus outdoors.

This year Folkets Miniramp Jam was run parallel with the grand opening of the park’s summer season. Street food market, music and tons of different activities going on in the park meant a packed crowd. When the skies decided to stay clear all day, the table was set for some good skateboarding.

This year saw skaters making the trip from Berlin and Leicester for the comp. Lily and Tora Stoephasius brought their skills from Berlin as well as showing that wearing a skirt doesn’t mean you can’t do 360’s. With the Tösabidarna camp showing their support, the vibe for the girls was on and everyone seemed to get their runs. Elsa came in third with shove-disasters and more. Maite got long runs in, dominating and showing that experience doesn’t mean you enjoy it less.

As for the juniors, Finley Kirby Brought a colour-coordinated onslaught of varied tricks, one highlight being blunt-tre mid run. Well deserved win. Saeed entered his first contest and Abdullah took a quick break from judging to commit to two slams and at least one good run – champ. Hampus tore the whole ramp with flow and Julian is growing into his style by the year.

In terms of the seniors, Nando rocked up and effortlessly flowed far and high. Søren smashed it in the qualifiers with oozing control. Dannie Carlsens miniramp wizardry never fails to amaze. The judging was harder than usual, with each rider getting good runs in while displaying different  styles.

The top three riders was pretty much a toss-up. In the end, the judges settled on Gabbe third, Jonas second and Herman first, but all three could have come out on top. Herman ’…inated’ the extension with a variety of tricks and generally powered through long lines of difficult tricks. Gabbe flowed with power and height and a variety of one-footed variations. Jonas charged as only he charges, transferring between extensions, sex-changes and a general tearage.

At the end of the day, skateboarding had been done and watched, prizes given and vibes enjoyed in the way that only miniramp sessions seem to be able to convey. And with that, we welcome summer.



  1. Finnley Kirkby
  2. Hampus Winberg
  3. Julian Selander


  1. Maite Louisy
  2. Lilly Stoephasius
  3. Elsa Löthman


  1. Herman Möller
  2. Jonas Bünger
  3. Gabbe Viking

Other awards

Best Powerlines: Elias Larsson Johansson

Best 7yr old in the comp- Tora Stoephasius

Fernando Bramsmark highest air


Photos by EKEN