Visitor: Sean Goff – UK vert legend

Sean was one of the first people I looked up to in skateboarding. Being English we never had many people that were doing it on a global scale in the eighties but Sean was. When he went pro and got a board on Brand X I had to have one. I rode that board until it fell apart. Years later I had the pleasure of skating with Sean on a regular basis. He has been a massive influence on me and many others, his enthusiasm and drive is unparalleled. He’s bounced back from career ending injuries with renewed passion. And even now in his 40′s he’s still hungry for it and raging as hard as ever. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Sean destroy everything in his path. (Even his teeth) on a regular basis. His bag of tricks is endless and varied from every decade he’s skated through. He’s never stopped and never will until he can’t stand. Sean is a skateboarders skateboarder. He is my biggest inspiration and I am his biggest fan. I’m proud to say he is my friend.

Long live the Goff!

- Dave Allen

Sean and Geoff

Bs air on a classic Gonz Vision board

McTwist back in the day.

Fs Invert some years ago.

Sean Goff Brand X model

Bastard Plant

1. Full name, age and where do you live?
-My full name is Sean David Goff, (David after my father). I’m 46 years of age, and come from Kidlington which is just outside Oxford, in the UK.

2. How long have you been skateboarding and why do you still do it?
- I started back in the craze days of ’76. Just loved it. I never stopped in all that time, (apart from time of injured). I still skate as I still love it. It’s the fountain of youth.. Skateboardings given me so much.

3. Tell us about your sponsors through the years…
- Vision, (i was the boneless guy), Tracker, Brand-X, (my first pro board was for them), Pacer Hogs shoes, (UK company in the 80s that did great photo incentive)!! Airwalk Shoes. Lifes a Beach, Deadbolt Trucks, Kryptonics , Death Box. Now I’m on Flip flow, Vans UK, and Toddtwist skate shop take care of paying the bills!!

4. How was Deatbox working? How was it with a european brand at that time? Who was on Deatbox?
- Those were great times. The Team when I was on it was Werzel, Pete Dosset, Rocker, Mac, Yokka, Scotty, Mark Van Der Eng. Jeremy really loved skating and put his heart and soul into it. He made it more a family than a team.

5. Have you ever made a 540? If you did…where did you do it? If not….will it happen?
- Yeah I first did 5′s back in the 80′s in Scotland. I’ve done about a dozen, and never spotted my landing on any!! I was the first in the UK to do one, (maybe Europe). I’ve not done one since I was 30. I still spin the odd one, so it may happen again, but i’m not to worried if it don’t.

6. Why do you love vertskating? What is so special about it?
- Vert is so many things. You know that’s hard to put in words as how when you go to a bar and you see a chick with great boobs, then another with a great face, another with the best arse, and you think to yourself, I wish all those features were on the one girl.. Well vert is kind of like that. It’s the best of times and sometimes it’s hell. I just love it

7. Tell us about your board set up? Have notice that you have the grip tape a little on the inside of the edge…why do you do it like that? Better airs, grip??
- I did the grip thing as I kept landing with my shins on my board and the grip tape ripped the skin off. I’ve not done it in a while though.. My current set up is Flip Bob p2, Fury Evos 8″ trucks, Ricta Bob speed bands, and I ride with rails.

8. Top 5 all time favorite skateboarders and why?
- Duane Peters. because he attacks all the time, and 4 other dudes, depending on my mood!

9. Why do you like Vert attack? Favourite moment of your visits to Vert attack?
- It’s turned into the biggest vert comp in Europe and because it’s all about having a good time. I love the way the guys bring something new to the table every year. It’s a big get together. It’s a great way to kick start the year. Favorite memory was the first year the Brits turned up on mass. We were skating CPH, when someone told us the comp was that day and not Sunday. We got to the ramp and the comp had started and our boys were sneaking in runs where ever they could.. With little pratice, we got a lot of Brits in the final.

10. Have you been working on any new tricks lately? Do you have anything new for us to see at Vert attack?
- I tend to work on new tricks for about 5 try’s, then get bored and try something else. I guess the last trick I learned was a cab to backside feeble grind. The trouble is when you get to my age it’s all about keeping hold of what you’ve got… I’ll try and dig in to the old bag of tricks for something different this year.

11. Tell us about your webshop? Where can we find it and what do you sell?
- Toddtwist. It’s just on eBay. I sell all sorts of stuff. Old school 80s kit, new school stuff, protection.. I have a lot of stuff and you can see it at but if you have a local skate shop who supports skating, buy your stuff from them. Only get it from me if your local shop can’t help you.

12. Who of the UK skaters should we look out for in the future?
- We seem to keep firing out good vert skaters. Joe Atkins, is doing good. Guys who have not been to vert attack, Oakley Liddel, Reiss Johnson & Corey Lawson. are all killing it

13. Best skate movies of all time!?
- I’m liking the strange notes DVD’s that NHS give out..

14. Futureplans and last words?
- I’m going to head down to NZ & Bondi after VERT ATTACK. Then back home for the regular Wed night sessions with the boys. Future plans ? Regular Wed night vert sessions with the boys.

Thanks a lot and see you at Vert Attack 6 in January!

Click here to check out Sean Goffs part in Deathbox movie Spririt of the Blitz from 1991.

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    radical shredder from the UK… very good….!!!

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    This stuff is off the hook.Bastard plants for life Sean! Going for that cookie but will probably face slam. But we will have beers in the night, all night.

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